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Canadian Centre for Child Protection

The Canadian Centre for Child Protection is a national charity dedicated to the personal safety of all children. Their goal is to reduce the sexual abuse and exploitation of children, assist in the location of missing children, and prevent child victimization through a number of programs, services, and resources for Canadian families, educators, child-serving organizations, law enforcement, and other parties. They share great resources on their website:

*Please note that in no way is Koala Place, Child & Youth Advocacy Centre affiliated with The Canadian Centre for Child Protection.


NWG is a charitable organisation formed as a UK network of over 14,500 practitioners who disseminate their information down through their services, to professionals working on the issue of child exploitation (CE) and trafficking within the United Kingdom.

Canadian Human Trafficking Hotline

The Canadian Human Trafficking Hotline is a confidential, multilingual service, operating 24/7 to connect victims and survivors with social services, law enforcement, and emergency services, as well as receive tips from the public.

The hotline uses a victim-centered approach when connecting human trafficking victims and survivors with local emergency, transition, and/or long-term supports and services across the country, as well as connecting callers to law enforcement where appropriate.

Other Useful Links

Anyone can call the Children’s Aid Society of SDG if they have concerns about the safety or well-being of a child or youth. You do not need proof that abuse or neglect has occurred to make a report.

ACFS is a child protection agency that is committed to promoting the best interests, protection, and well-being of children. If you have any concerns regarding the safety or well-being of a child or youth, please make a report. You do not need proof to report your concerns.

Mental Health Crisis Line: Individuals, families or concerned friends (over the age of 16) can call the Mental Health Crisis Line toll free at 1-866-996-0991. The volunteer will offer support and, if required, can make a direct transfer to the Mobile Crisis Team.

The Mobile Crisis Team works closely with hospital, police, psychiatrists and hospital emergency rooms to ensure a safe and comprehensive response, keeping individuals in the safety of their communities when this is the proper course of action. Professionals in the community are provided with a direct phone number to the Mobile Crisis Team.

The Child, Youth and Family Crisis Line of Eastern Ontario is a 24/7 crisis support for children, youth and families. If the concern is for yourself or a teen 16 or over, the Crisis line can be reached at 1-866-966-0991.

In the case of imminent risk to harm to self or others please present at your closest Emergency Department.

Cornwall Community Hospital Child and Youth Mental Health Services (CYMHS) is a community-based service which provides assessment, therapy, support, counselling, group therapy and consultation for children and youth as well as parent education groups. CYMHS has a well-trained, multidisciplinary team of professionals who provide services predominantly in English.

They offer office-based counselling programs, such as therapy, counselling and support for children and youth up to their 18th birthday. They also have a satellite office in Winchester.

They offer outreach counselling services- home based counselling services for caregivers and their children; in school counselling services for children offered within SDG to English Public and Catholic schools.

Intensive Services- counselling and support for children, youth (up to their 18th birthday) who are experiencing complex issues and their families.

Day Treatment Program – an English program for children in grades 1 to grade 8. This is a comprehensive program for children whose mental health problems are preventing them from succeeding at school and at home.

If you would prefer to receive French language services, please contact L’équipe Psychosociale at 613 938-7112.

Youth Transition Improvement Program (Y-TIP) – is a partnership with Cornwall Community Hospital – Addiction Services to improve addictions and mental health system coordination, navigation and access for youth and young adults (ages 16-24) and their families.

Single Point Access (S.P.A) – is a gateway to children, youth, and family services in SDG and Akwesasne. It provides information on services, needs assessment and referrals to community services and brief counselling. Satellite office is located in Winchester.

The Children’s Treatment Centre is a community based, community supported agency committed to the prevention and treatment of child abuse in Cornwall, the United Counties of Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry and Akwesasne.

They provide free assessment and treatment to any child in need and that child’s family. The Centre is a unique agency. It is entirely funded by the community it serves and receives no government funding. As such, it is able to channel the bulk of its resources towards those who need it the most—the children.

For over 20 years, the Sexual Assault Support Services for Women of SDG&A (16+) has been working to end sexual violence and support survivors. They are a non-profit grass-roots feminist organization committed to the support of victims/survivors who have experienced sexual violence; and the prevention and elimination of that form of violence. Their place is non-judgmental; open to all women, regardless of ability, race, religion, socio-economic status, culture and sexual orientation. They are a beacon for these women in the community.

Cornwall Community Hospital Assault and Sexual Abuse Program (ASAP) provides around-the-clock services and support for women, men and children who reside in Cornwall or in the United Counties of Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry. Established in 1992, ASAP is one of a number of hospital-based, sexual assault/partner violence victim-care centres in Ontario. It is funded by the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care.

They offer four types of service:

  • Emergency care
  • Counselling
  • Referrals
  • Outreach and training

The Youth Wellness Hub is an integrated one-stop-shop, where youth between the ages of 12 and 25 can address all of their health and wellness needs. Help is available for mental health and addiction. Primary care services are immediately available, along with many more community and social services. The hub also includes peer services and system navigation services, all delivered in a timely and integrated manner from one central hub.

Victim Services of S.D.G. & A. is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing assistance to individuals who have been victimized as a result of a crime or tragic circumstance, as well as Internet child exploitation. The agency works in partnership with police as well as emergency and other community-based services to ensure victims receive the help they need to assist them in the development of their personal path to recovery.

Inspire Community Support Services is a multi-service, non-profit agency that provides a variety of support services to children, youth, adults and families in the City of Cornwall and the counties of SD&G.

The challenges facing young people in Canada have grown more complex, and youth need access to the supports that are most relevant to them. To achieve our vision, it’s critical that we meet these challenges – and quickly.

Kids Help Phone is Canada’s only 24/7 e-mental heath service offering free, confidential support to young people in English and French.

211 Ontario is a helpline that easily connects people to the social services, programs and community supports they need.

When you reach out to 211, you are connected to a real person who will talk to you about your situation and refer you to the right program or service for you.

We make it simple to find the mental health and addiction care that’s right for you, when you need it. You can start the process of getting help from

Once we are connected, we will discuss what is happening and your needs. We will try to answer your questions and find the information you are looking for.

We will provide a list of services that might be a good fit for your mental health and addiction needs and help you to select the best ones for you.

We will help you to make an appointment with the mental health and addiction service(s) that are best for you.

Bounce Back Ontario is a free skill-building program managed by the Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA). It is designed to help adults and youth 15+ manage low mood, mild to moderate depression and anxiety, stress or worry. Delivered over the phone with a coach and through online videos, you will get access to tools that will support you on your path to mental wellness.

Youth Line offers confidential, non-judgemental and informed LGBTQQ2Sl peer support through our telephone, text and chat services. Get in touch with a peer support volunteer from Sunday to Friday, 4:00PM to 9:30 PM.

Don’t see what you’re looking for? Reach out to us and we’ll do our best to assist you in finding the proper supports that you are seeking.