A Glance Inside Koala Place

What to expect when attending Koala Place

Most likely, you will have been contacted by a Child Protection Worker or a Police Officer, arranging a date and time for you to attend the centre. When you arrive to our secure centre, you will be greeted by either the officer, the child protection worker or the Case Manager/Systems Navigator. 

  1. You will sit in our family friendly waiting area.
  2. You may also come sit in our committee room for a more private conversation.
  3. You will then have your interview conducted in our interview room.
  4. On your way out, you will be offered a teddy bear to take home, your choice!
  5. An emotional support dog, Joy, may be available to offer support and comfort during an interview.
It is an honour and pleasure to serve you in French or English. Should you require an interpreter, please inform the individual who contacted you (the police officer or child protection worker).